Samuel Solar Panel Cleaning Livermore

We have plenty of sun year-round. That’s why many homeowners make the wise decision to switch to solar energy. Solar Panels are a big investment that you should take care of. Did you know that cleaning solar panels makes them more efficient?

Solar Panels should be cleaned a minimum of twice a year to prevent up to a 20% loss of efficiency. If you think about it, it’s pretty logical: Dirt, pollen, debris, and other substances will decrease the solar panels’ efficiency. If you keep up with the maintenance, you will save money!

During window cleaning jobs, some clients ask us if they should clean their solar panels.

We can say with great confidence: Yes, you should! For many homeowners in Livermore, Solar Panel Cleaning is not on their list of things to do. It is not uncommon that we find solar panels that have never been maintained until we clean them for the first time. Cleaning your panels will save you a lot of money since clean panels will increase its functionality.

The best way to clean solar panels is to treat them delicately and clean them without detergents or chemicals. Deionized water is a great option for cleaning solar panels since it leaves no residue behind. Since the liquid used to clean is pure water, there is no chance of damaging your investment.

Dust, dirt, and pollen will accumulate over time. Still, bird droppings on your panels are even more detrimental than a film of sediment.

Do your solar panels have a string inverter or micro-inverters? This is important because a system with micro-inverters (an inverter attached to each separate panel) will stop showing current flow where one panel has been covered with droppings.

Why is solar panel cleaning important?

There is no surprise that well-serviced HVAC systems, vehicles, and mobile phones work better with utmost efficiency. The same happens with solar panels. Even they work expeditiously when they’re cleaned and given the needed attention. On average regular cleaning of your solar panels would increase the output to 20%. If you use a solar panel, you must know its cleanliness is equally essential because dirt on it reduces its efficiency. Thus, it is mandatory to ensure its cleanliness on time.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Livermore

Maintaining your solar panels is not rocket science. You need the help of professionals who can clean up the accumulated dirt on them. You might think of cleaning the solar panel on weekends, but it is not a thing to be done by an inexperienced person. Secondly, it won’t be a wise option to put your leg into something you don’t own expertise in. In the guise of saving a few bucks, you can face a 20% power loss. To save you from inefficiency, We step in to help you. We are reliable and committed Livermore solar panel cleaning company offering cleaning and maintenance services for residential and commercial areas.

What do we do?

We clean and maintain your solar panels!

We maintain residential and commercial solar panels by cleaning them and ensuring they emit maximum power. We offer a wide range of professional solar panel cleaning and maintenance services to remove the stubborn dirt and grime from it.

Our services include professional solar panel cleaning, checking solar panels for damage signs, warping, seeing roof fixings, etc.

We have been in this industry for years! We use deionized water for panel cleaning, which allows us to remain friendly to the environment. Along with cleaning, our team evaluates the efficiency of your panel by catching the existing minor issues that could save you from untimely expenses in the future. We are a fully insured and committed company providing solar panel cleaning services in Livermore.