Jackson Solar Panel Cleaning Walnut Creek

As a solar panel owner, you may have questions about the care and maintenance of your installations. Because solar technology is still relatively new, we think it may be helpful to understand a few key facts about solar panel care:

Why do my panels need to be cleaned? Solar panels are kept outdoors and exposed to the elements. Any debris or grime on the panel reduces the amount of solar energy they soak up. While rainwater cleans your panels, solar polar panels in drier climates require more care.

How often should my solar panels be cleaned? Regular cleanings will help maintain peak effectiveness and continue to save you money on your energy bill. We recommend yearly cleanings.

What can Solar Panel Cleaning in Walnut Creek do that I can’t? Your safety is the number one reason why you shouldn’t attempt to clean your own solar panel. Our employees are trained to work on rooftops and we have the equipment to keep them safe. Using tap water or cleaning chemicals can lead to more grime buildup. The solar panel cleaning experts at Solar Panel Cleaning in Walnut Creek hand mop and squeegee the surface of your panels with the correct solution to prevent long-term damage to your panels.

The Dirty Truth About Solar Panel Cleaning, Care, And Maintenance!

Part of maintaining your solar system is to keep it clean so that it operates at its highest capacity at all times. The presence of debris or buildup on the surface of the panels will drastically decrease the system’s efficiency over time. Maximize the potential of your solar system with regular solar panel cleanings.

What’s wrong with dirty solar panels?

Did you know that you could lose up to 25 percent of your solar panel efficiency if you neglect to clean your solar system? Dust, debris, pollution, leaves, and bird droppings can all block the sun’s rays from hitting the solar panel. This will diminish the amount of power the system can produce. Regular solar system cleanings will not only keep your system clean and free of debris, it will also allow the service technicians to check your panels for any necessary repairs and to ensure that everything is working properly.

More dirt and debris on the surface of your panels results in a less efficient solar system. There are many factors that go into the amount of energy your solar panels will produce, but dirty panels are one of the most common problems with the simplest solution.

We are part of the Solar Maid organization – a leading solar panel washing service, cleaning, and maintenance provider. We’re experts at providing solar panel washing and cleaning service for residential, commercial, and governmental needs using approved equipment and techniques. It is essential to hire a professional solar panel cleaner to be sure that you do not damage your solar panels with solvents or methods that are not up to industry standards.

How do I know if my solar panels are dirty?

There are two ways to determine if it is time for a solar panel cleaning. The first way is to physically check the solar panels from time to time to monitor the level of debris accumulation. The frequency of your checks may vary with the location of the panels and the manufacturer’s guidelines. The second way to keep track of the cleanliness of your panels is to call a professional solar panel cleaning company and have their service technicians check for you.

It may also be time for a solar panel cleaning if you notice a decrease in the amount of energy produced by your panels. This is one indicator of blocked or dirty panels where the problem will be remedied immediately once the panels are cleared off.

How often should I have my solar panels cleaned?

It is recommended that solar panels are cleaned every 6 months to a year so that they maintain their optimal efficiency. The frequency of the cleanings also depends on the location of the home and the type of accumulation on the surface of the panels. Areas, where bird droppings and pollution are common, may need to be cleaned more often than more secluded solar systems. Frequent solar panel cleanings are the best way to maximize solar efficiency.

Once the panels are installed, the maintenance requirements for a solar system are relatively low. By keeping up with the minor checks and cleanings, the life of the system will be extended and the benefits received will increase. Stay on top of your solar system maintenance to help maintain a clean future for clean energy.